Friday, March 2, 2012

Debate challenge raised to $2,000!

Open to any UW teacher - prof, lecturer, TA

Dear University of Wisconsin system teacher,

It is the one year anniversary of the $1,000 9/11 Debate Challenge issued last March by me, Dr. Kevin Barrett, and the University of Wisconsin Sifting and Winnowing Club. Under the Challenge,  any University of Wisconsin system teacher - professor,  lecturer,  or TA - could have earned a $1,000 honorarium by defending the 9/11 Commission Report in a ninety-minute debate with a former UW teacher who has been blacklisted from teaching in the UW system due to his 9/11-related research, publication and activism.

Since no teacher in the entire Wisconsin university system is willing to defend the 9/11 Commission Report for $1,000,  we are now doubling the honorarium to $2,000 - and making arrangements for the money to be donated to 9/11-related charities. (This removes the "I don't want to look greedy" excuse for ducking the debate, and underlines the fact that accepting the challenge is a form of public service.)

Under the new arrangement, the $2000 honorarium will be donated to charities according to the outcome of the debate. If I win the debate, 1/3rd of the honorarium will be donated to the Feal Good Foundation for 9/11 first responders, and 2/3rds will be donated to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth ( If the challenger wins the debate, two-thirds of the honorarium goes to the Feal Good Foundation, and one-third to The winner of the debate will be determined by audience vote.

Please help the 9/11 first responders - and the 1,000-plus architects and engineers who are risking their careers by standing up for American values of free inquiry and constitutional governance. If you aren't up to it,  please inform other UW system teachers, including TAs, about the 9/11 Debate Challenge. To accept the 9/11 debate challenge, contact me at kbarrett(at)merr(dot)com.

PS  Three cowardly UW-Madison professors - Donald Downs, Ann Althouse, and Marshall Onellian - have insulted me in the media, but chickened out of my challenge to debate. (As has State Rep. Steve Nass.)  Please contact them and urge them to debate Dr. Kevin Barrett on 9/11.   Donald Downs:  (608) 263-2295  Ann Althouse: (608) 262-2444  Marshall Onellian: (608) 263-6829  Steve Nass  (608) 266-5715 Or (888) 529-0031


  1. It's really weird to have the challenger donate to AE911truth... either all of the money should go to the Feal Good Found, or the challenger should be able to choose. I'm sure he's not going to want to donate to a cause he doesn't believe in.

    1. Er, nevermind, I guess this is a really old announcement...